How does Ilmsens taste like? #3

Today: Rhubarb crumble cake (vegan friendly)

I'll be honest with you. Even as a child, my mother's rhubarb compote taught me that I don't like rhubarb. That's why I approached this cake only carefully. Fortunately, the rhubarb looked so tempting in this form that I couldn't resist. My conclusion: really tasty. Also for rhubarb muffle like me.


So here is the recipe:

Ilmsens Rhubarb crumble cake




250 g flour

125 g margarine

25 g sugar

1 pinch salt

1 egg replacement (or one egg)

5 tbsp water



300g Rhubarb



100 g margarine

120 g sugar

 200 g flour


  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  • Mix the margarine, sugar, salt, water and egg (substitute) to a smooth mixture
  • Add flour and mix until there are no lumps left
  • Pour the dough into the springform pan (26 cm) and smooth down
  • Clean and peel the rhubarb and cut into pieces of about 3 cm
  • Spread the pieces on the dough 
  • For the crumbles, knead the (preferably cold) margarine with the sugar and flour until a good crumble consistency is obtained
  • Spread the crumble on the rhubarb and bake at 200 degrees for about 30-40 minutes

Finished :) 

A big thank you and praise to Daniela for the baking and the recipe!




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