Ilmenau - Germany's city on the rise 2021

In the last 5 years, no city in Germany has developed as well as Ilmenau. At least that is what KOMMUNAL and Contor-Regio have determined in the largest city ranking. In almost 70 categories, 600 medium-sized cities were compared. Indicators were, for example, unemployment rates or the number of dwellings, disposable income or investments in the manufacturing or service sectors. Quality of life also played a role.  It was just last year that Ilmenau was ranked second among the most family-friendly cities in Germany. Ilmenau also did well in the development of the disposable income of its inhabitants or in the development of investment.


Map Germany

The city ranking shows that there are rising cities all over Germany, but most in Saxony and Thuringia.

Here are the top 10 Germany's cities on the rise

  1. Ilmenau
  2. Döbeln
  3. Bad Salzungen
  4. Reichenbach in Vogtland
  5. Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock
  6. Zweibrücken
  7. Wandlitz
  8. Saalfeld/Saale
  9. Übach Palenberg
  10. Greifwald

However, Ilmenau also achieved top scores in the development of the number of inhabitants or in the development of single-family houses. These figures are mainly the result of the incorporations, which is why the ranking should be treated with caution. 

For us, Ilmenau is without a doubt the right location for us. Be it because of the proximity to nature, the short distances in everyday life or the good infrastructure.