Microwave Imaging

As its name says, microwave imaging is based on use of electromagnetic waves in the high-frequency area. They are directed at the measured object as a defined stimulation signal. The signal reflected by the object is recorded as impulse response and evaluated. The information gained from this on reflection and transmission properties of the object permit conclusions on the properties, components and differences from other objects or a pre-defined ideal condition.
The m:explore expands the application range of the measuring procedure in material characterisation and quality control of raw materials and products. While other procedures often can only examine the surface of materials, the m:explore offers a deeper way of quality assurance. Porosity, moisture distribution, density and interfering bodies are only some of many material properties that may be identified with the compact but high-performance device by Ilmsens.

Microwave Imaging with the m:explore

Continuous quality control offers an advantage in terms of process safety in liquids as well as solids. The microwave imaging of the m:explore therefore guarantees for quick and safe monitoring and reduces the rejects rate in production. The m:explore uses state-of-the-art microwave technology to detect interfering bodies, density differences and other deviations from a pre-defined composition.
The high measuring speed, simple cascading of sensors and reliable precision of the m:explore permits use with fast-moving conveyor belts as well as in complicated material mixtures. Additional restrictions in production speed or production procedures will not apply when using the microwave monitoring.
Using microwaves permits interference-free examination of nearly any material and identifies deviations that remain concealed in a purely visual inspection. With this specification in quality management, we generate clear added value in your production and your product.