Foundation of the association SensorikNet e.V.

As a founding member, Ilmsens is looking forward to the cooperation

Foundation meeting SensorikNet e.V.
Foundation meeting SensorikNet e.V.

The SensorikNet e.V. association, newly founded on 19.10.2021, has set itself the task of founding and operating a cooperation network that bundles the competences from industry and science for sensor technology in connection with microelectronics. SensorikNet e.V. drives technological developments of relevant actors with the entirety of its activities - which are also quite internationally oriented. New sensor developments can then be transferred into marketable applications at a competitive speed. As a communication platform, cooperation exchange and interest group, SensorikNet e.V. networks developers and end users in the field of sensor technology and electronics. It is also intended to serve as a central interface for expert bodies and committees.


Elected to the board were:

The founding members agree: sensors play a key role not only in monitoring physical, biological and chemical variables, but also in revolutionary changes in manufacturing processes, automation technology and our everyday world. Sensors are central components for digitalisation. In Thuringia, sensors, sensor components and sensor systems are developed and produced by numerous suppliers. With their versatile technology, product and service suppliers, these players make Thuringia a sensor state.

The founding members are:

We are looking forward to the cooperation and invite people interested in sensor technology to join the network.