360° Radar – Prepared for anything.

360° view without blind spots even in rain, fog, snow and dirt

Ilmsens 360° Radar

We believe in safety features that make autonomous vehicles safe for all road users.


To ensure safety, the sensors of the vehicles must work reliable under all circumstances - even in bad weather conditions as normally observed in the location of our company, the Thuringian Forest.

Furthermore, a good mapping for every distance range of the surrounding in 360° in real time is needed.


With our unique radar technology, we want to contribute to the solution of these problems.

We are convinced that sensor fusion is the best way to realize this. So weaknesses of one technology will be compensated by the strengths of others. That is why we are focusing on the near-field investigation.


With our much lower frequency range between 6 and 8.5 GHz and the associated longer wavelength, our sensors are able to work even in rain, snow or with dirty sensors. A constantly high measuring rate ensures the detection of fast objects regardless of the distance to the vehicle caused by the specific measurement principle. Thus, there is no blind range close to the vehicle. Our sensors measure the velocity and distance of objects directly without interference between equivalent and different sensors. By mounting the sensors at sensible points on the vehicle, we have 360° view without blind spots.



Our pseudo-noise ultra-wideband radar offers the advantages of common near-field sensors but also solves the current problems.



Copes with bad weather conditions and dirt


Rain, fog or snow do not degrade the performance of the sensor. Dirt on the sensor can be detected, if it exceeds a critical level.



No blind range


Objects are detectable with a constant measurement rate even if they are close to the sensor.



Robust against interaction


Due to the measuring principle used, the radar is very robust against interactions with others, even if they are identical in construction.



High measurement rate


Even fast objects are easily detectable in real time due to a high measurement rate no matter how close to the sensor.

Technical data

• UWB pseudo-noise signal

• Frequency range: 6-8,5 GHz (using the whole bandwidth in every measurement)

• Measurement rate: more then 10.000 measurements per second (depending on the application)

• Possibility to raise the measurement rate