Nearfield-Sensor Technology for Robots

By equipping robots with the nearfield-sensor objects, obstacles or humans can be detected around the robot in real-time, reliable and non-destructive for navigation issues as a safety feature. Furthermore, it is also possible to detect and determine hidden objects in the ground in size or position. The Ultrawideband Radartechnology of the Ilmsens GmbH is safe to use or handle and retrofittable. 

Copes with bad weather conditions and dirt

Rain, fog or snow do not degrade the performance of the sensor. Dirt on the sensor can be detected, if it exceeds a critical level. 

No blind range

Objects are detectable with a constant measurement rate even if they are close to the sensor.

Robust against interaction

Due to the measuring principle used, the radar is very robust against interactions with others, even if they are identical in construction.

High measurement rate

Even fast objects are easily detectable in real time due to a high measurement rate no matter how close to the sensor.

Penetrates almost all materials

Just not metall

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Sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

Geophysical exploration of building remains

Technical Information

  • Ultrawideband pseudo-noise signal
  •  Frequency range: 6-8,5 GHz (using the whole bandwidth in every measurement)
  • Realtime measurements (more than 10000 measurements per second depending on the application)
  • Use of the UWB pseudo-noise signal: High stability compared to the classical broadband measurement methods (e.g. pulse measurements)
  • Measurements directly up to the front of the antenna. This allows you to detect objects that are directly in front of the antenna.
  • Free of influence for man and machine

Application Examples

Brake Assistant

Robot Navigation

Find vegetables in soil

Geophysical Investigations of the earth's crust with Georadar

Determine soil characteristics

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