Get the latest information wrapped up in one Whitepaper

Last time you heard we were celebrating our first birthday.
Might think we’re getting lazy? The contrary is the case!


We are excited to announce we’ve been wrapping up all the information you need about our products in one Whitepaper! No more struggling to find the technical data you need or clicking through all our sub-sites to bring everything together – here is what you can expect from our Whitepaper:


Whitepaper: Ranging Accuracy Ilmsens GmbH


Ranging Accuracy Assessment with m:explore evaluation and UWB experimentation kits

o   m:explore – Introduction of range accuracy assessment (measurement hardware, technical specifications m:explore sensor head)

o   Random errors of delay measurements using guided waves (measurement setup, data processing, results)

o   Range accuracy of metal plate measurements (measurement setup, data processing and results for system delay measurement setup for metal plate ranging, data processing for plate ranging, results of system delay measurements)

o   Further resources and revision history


You can download the full Whitepaper here.


Additionally, there is comprehensive work by our co-founder Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Sachs which dives deep into the matter of Ultra-Wideband Short-Range Sensing and thus gives an in-depth view on our M-Sequence Devices.


Curious? Get your copy now!

Handbook of Ultra-Wideband Short Range Sensing by Jürgen Sachs from Ilmsens


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