m:explore - Evaluating Microwave Sensing

impedance spectroscopy

   Monitor liquids during production and ensure proper quality and mixing ratios in real time.

network analysis & time-domain reflectometry

   When random samples aren't good enough, you can test every product using high-speed measurement.

short-range radar

   Detect the smallest movements without contact and with or without any line of sight (e.g. vital signs).

microwave imaging




Fast, contactless, penetrating quality inspection

Evaluation Kit for Microwave Sensors, UWB-Technique and M-Sequence-Technology

The revolutionary Evaluation Kit from Ilmsens offers a variety of practical and scientific applications in the area of wide-band microwave sensors based on the unique M-sequence technology.

The m:explore is an energy-efficient professional measuring device with a very high frequency range. It was developed for a range of different measuring requirements. The m:explore reliably serves four fields in total: Impedance spectroscopy, microwave imaging, short-range radar, and network analysis and time-domain reflectometry.

Learn about all the important application options of wide-band microwave technology with the m:explore and take advantage of the outstanding properties and performance parameters of our technology. The high measuring speed, compact and robust build of the measurements, and the outstanding long-term stability allow entirely new usage scenarios for various methods and measuring procedures.

The modular concept, with its flexible components, allows for simple adjustment to your research and industry needs. With our OEM modules, we offer customer-compatible solutions for your products and productions and, as a result, create prerequisites for informative networking pursuant to the "Industry 4.0" concept.

Try out our technology for your individual conditions and see for yourself!

OEM Module

Initiated with the key word "Industry 4.0" and supported by IT, increasing amounts of information can be linked and evaluated. We offer a unique added value for you and your customers with our OEM modules and create the prerequisites for information-technical networking in process control and research.

Our new sensor concepts and new sensors allow for comprehensive, informative networking across the entire production process, making it possible to efficiently master and control increasingly complex processes and production technologies.

Once you have experienced our technology and validated it for your uses, we will make our experience and technical knowledge available to you as a partner for OEM modules. We will analyse the results of the test phase with the m:explore with you. We will then develop the perfect sensor for you and help you implement our modules and technology into your assemblies.
With the modular build of the m:explore, the integration capacity of the technology on semiconductor chips and our attractive prices for small and large piece numbers, we are the ideal partner for you.


  Versatile capabilities and by using ultra-wide band with an real plus of information.


  More than one thousand measurements per second covering the entire frequency range in one take.


  The m:explore is self-tempering, has a wide input voltage range and still works when laboratory equipment is out of order.


  Thanks to modular architecture, ready for any cost or space-sensitive operational purpose.

SH-3100 m:explore  - Technical Details


  • UWB pseudo-noise signal
  • No high voltage peaks, low field strength operation
  • Extremely stable generation driven by phase-locked RF clock (13.321GHz)
  • Instantaneous 10 dB bandwidth 0.1 - 6 GHz
  • Total output power: approx. -4 dBm
  • RF-port: SMA-F
  • Output power-down feature
  • Two options for ambiguity range:
    • MLBS9: t_amb =  39.3 ns, r_amb = 11.8 m (air)
    • MLBS12: t_amb = 315.0 ns, r_amb = 94.5 m (air)



  • UWB analogue input bandwidth beyond: 0.1 - 6 GHz
  • RF-ports: SMA-F
  • Continuous, synchronous sub-sampling operation
  • Extremely stable timebase derived from transmitter clock
  • Timebase jitter < 1,5 fs (rms)
  • Input 1 dB compression point P1dB approx. -14 dBm
  • System performance: > 125 dB (can be extended with external amplifiers)
  • Specific dynamic: 135 dB
  • Instantaneous dynamic: > 115 dB (@ P1dB and 100 measurements/s)

Digital Backend

  • USB 2.0 high-speed interface, USB-B socket
  • Configurable synchronous averaging to improve SNR and wait cycles to configure measurement rate/timing
  • Integrated buffer memory
  • Measurement rate: Up to 1000/s (actual max. speed depends on capabilities of control computer)
  • Digital correlation in control computer to suppress noise

Dimension & Power Supply

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 115 mm x 215 mm x 55 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 900 g (OEM 300g) without power supply
  • Power supply rating: +12VDC, 1A (consumption 7W)
  • Operating temp. range: 0°C .. +40°C (< 90% rel. humidity, non-condensing)
  • Self tempering/active cooling from integrated fan
  • Storage temp. range: -20°C .. +60°C (< 90% rel. humidity, non-condensing)