Ilmsens – Then and Now

Ilmsens Team

2019 Ilmsens opens a second location in Košice (Slovakia) in December 2019. Currently, 22 employees work at Ilmsens. 
2018 Lely becomes an Ilmsens investor. 
2017 Phase II of EXIST Transfer of Research (Exist-Forschungstransfer) begins.
2016 Ilmsens founded in April as a spin off of the Technical University of Ilmenau and moved to Technologie und Gründerzentrum Ilmenau. Ilmsens is funded by EXIST Transfer of Research.
2015 Funded as an EXIST Transfer of Research project at the TU Ilmenau, Ilmsens begins the development of the milk sensor.
2011 Ilmsens brand created under the administration of TU Ilmenau Service GmbH.
  If you like to learn more about our current projects and work, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact Persons

Ilmsens Managing Director Hans-Christian Fritsch

Hans-Christian Fritsch M.Sc.

Managing Director


+49 3677 76130-30

Ilmsens Management assistance / Marketing Anna Schwenzfeger

Anna Schwenzfeger B.A.

Management Assistance / Marketing


+49 3677 76130-30

Ilmsens Application engineer Stefanie Loracher

Stefanie Loracher M.Sc.

Application Engineer


+49 3677 76130-34

Ilmsens Application engineer Daniela Werner

Daniela Werner M.Sc.

Application Engineer


+49 3677 76130-34

Ilmsens Technology consultant Jürgen Sachs

Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Sachs

Technology Consultant


+49 3677 76130-34


As versatile as our technology


Subsidy Information

Our employees Thomas Schröder, Saskia Holzlehner and Stefanie Loracher are supported by the Free State Thuringia through the project "Innovatives Personal" (DETAILS in German).


Our project for the development of a sensor for measuring the quality of cooling lubricants is also supported by the Free State Thuringia (DETAILS in German).