Measuring Nonionic Surfactants

Ultra-Wideband Impedance Spectroscopy for analysing Surfactants | Detergents | Tenside

Our new game changer: Analyse properties of your nonionic surfactants with our m:explore.eis measurement system – this technology can assess properties of any detergent! Using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (= eis), you can distinguish the tenside components real-time and in-line. With our solution, all types of (polar) surfactants can be measured and quantified in real time with only one measurement. No direct contact is required and therefore there is no risk of contamination.

Process optimisation

Instant control

Sustainable use of surfactants

Seamless integration into existing production

Rapid, autonomous measurements (optional)

Intuitive and user friendly

Robust and compact design 

Contact free and corrosion-resistant

Measusing Nonionic Tensides by Ilmsens

In the past decades, surfactants have become a basis for a wide range of industries and even for daily life. Some industries focus exclusively on the production and development of surfactant combinations that are suitable for very specific applications. For customers, measuring specific surfactant parameters is generally a difficult task, as each surfactant solution is unique. Some types of detergents are generally difficult to measure. So try our m:explore.eis measurement system to change this! Contact Form


Use Case: Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Use Case: Cosmetics


Use Case: Chemical Industry

Chemical Industry

Use Case: Your Idea

Your Idea

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy suits any kind of process in which the measurement of surfactants, detergents, or any other kind of cleansing agents is required. Along with ultra – fast measurements, post processing allows for calculating surfactant spread, concentrations, HLB, or any other value derivable from the physical properties of the liquid under test.


Use Case: Incoming Inspection

Incoming Inspection

Use Case: Quality Control

Quality Control

Use Case: Monitoring


Use Case: Maintenance


Use Case: NIRS Substitution

NIRS Substitution

Use Case: Detect Impurities

Detect Impurities

Use Case: Refractometer Substitution

Refractometer Substitution

Use Case: Your Idea

Your Idea

"In just a single bottle of detergents there is a whole microcosm to be discovered."

Ilmsens Application engineer Philipp Gelmroth


Philipp Gelmroth M.Sc.

Application Engineer

+49 3677 76130-34

How m:explore.eis works?

The newly developed device series m:explore.eis represents a complete system for the compact measurement of any liquid by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). The measuring box can be used as a bypass to transport liquids into the internal measuring cell by an integrated peristaltic pump. For more details please click here. Ilmsens GmbH also provide other solutions in near-field sensing.


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Impedance Spectroscopy

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