That’s how 2017 begins!

With New Year’s Eve over 2017 starts with fantastic modifications on our site!

Come closer to get a good look on our brand new website including the new web shop! To start the New Year we’ve added some great new features to our already existing homepage and amplified our online presence portfolio. To see all our amazing products just visit our website.  For starters here are some key innovations that you should not miss out!

  New Design   The new design of our webpage has far better support for mobile devices. 
It´s simple and safe.
  Online Shop   If you already know what you need you can simply order our products online. Now UWB-technology is just a few clicks away from your desk.
  More and Detailed Information   Learn more about the UWB-technology, its use cases and its capabilities.
  Brand-new Application Notes  

Get more and detailed information to understand the deepest secrets of our technology.
It has never been so easy to become an expert in ultra-wideband measurements.