29. August 2017
Last time you heard we were celebrating our first birthday. Might think we’re getting lazy? The contrary is the case! We are excited to announce we’ve been wrapping up all the information you need about our products in one Whitepaper! No more struggling to find the technical data you need or clicking through all our sub-sites to bring everything together – here is what you can expect from our Whitepaper: Whitepaper: Ranging Accuracy Ilmens GmbH Ranging Accuracy Assessment with m:explore...
28. April 2017
Happy Birthday! Ilmsens is now one year old - time to celebrate!

07. February 2017
… and who would we be if we wouldn’t compete?
29. January 2017
An idea is just the start of a business. But you need money to create something out of it.

27. January 2017
With New Year’s Eve over 2017 starts with fantastic modifications on our site!
26. January 2017
2016: 163 founder competitions have been taking place in Germany. Naturally we have also been partaking in some of them – with great results as the report of the TOP 50 startups 2016 shows!

01. December 2016
Ever wondered what your daily glass of milk has to do with Potentials of Impedance Spectroscopy? Probably not. Hence this workshop is the best opportunity for you to find out!
30. November 2016
Ambition is a crucial thing to become successful - but the idea is the core.

18. November 2016
It’s getting cold outside and the year is slowly coming to an end. Yet we are unstoppable and constantly improving and increasing our network. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have joined another network - and nothing less than the AMA union!
20. October 2016
We do proudly announce that from now on we are a member of ELMUG!

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