17. September 2020
Supported by the Free State of Thuringia GFE, IMMS and Ilmsens are working on a new method and equipment system for cloud-based quality assurance of machining processes through digital cooling lubricant monitoring.

Development Engineer of Ilmsens, Kai Schilling

07. August 2020
Supported by the BMBF, Ilmsens is working together with MetraLabs, Hako and TU Ilmenau on a multi-sensor system for the accurate perception of the environment and navigation of mobile robots.

06. July 2020
The knowledge about the location of this second city wall was lost after the reconstruction of Jerusalem. Previous efforts to identify this wall have been unsuccessful. Until now.

23. June 2020
Help to improve methods for breast cancer diagnoses being a test person

03. June 2020
On second May it was time for cycling again. Ilmsens has taken part in the project "Stadtradeln".

12. May 2020
Today: Yogurette Cake

27. April 2020
Today, it’s our fourth birthday! What a coincidence that we have indeed grown in four respects.

20. April 2020
Get to know Ilmsens founders and an insight into the company.

Ilmsens mascot
09. April 2020
How egg-laying wool-milk sow became Ilmsens mascot.

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