03. February 2020
Wherever the eye looks, a landscape veiled in white. The biting cold and the sound of footprints in the snow. Here in the Thuringian Forest, the usual amounts of snow are still to come. It might be different at the North Pole, where a research team is using our technology to study snow layers more closely.

23. January 2020
The East German business portal Wirtschaft+Markt honours 50 East German startups as stars of tomorrow. We feel honoured and say thank you, because Ilmsens is one of them.

04. December 2019
Today: Pumpkin Bars

15. November 2019
The finals of Lely's Feed the Future will take place on 20th and 21st November 2019. Our managing director Hans-Christian Fritsch will be there.

04. November 2019
Today: Double Chocolate Brownies

17. October 2019
Anna Behr recently completed her master's degree at the Technical University of Ilmenau and worked part-time at Ilmsens. She tells us in an interview how she felt about her time here at Ilmsens in the student laboratory.

12. September 2019
Today: Cherry Cruble Cake (or what is left of it)

14. August 2019
Bastian Hellweg (25) wrote his master thesis at Ilmsens at the beginning of the year and got to know us very well. In this interview, he looks back on this time and shares his experiences with us.

11. July 2019
Today: Rhubarb crumble cake (vegan friendly)

14. January 2019
Ralf Herrmann, Software engineer and one of 5 Ilmsens founders, explains in this interview what makes Ilmsens special.

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