Ilmsens goes City Cycling
30. May 2023
In May, Ilmsens took part in the city cycling event for the fourth time and doubled last year’s result.

7 years Ilmsens
27. April 2023
We proudly look back on the past year, filled with various projects, interesting conversations and our great Ilmsens team.

31. October 2022
Development of an innovative construction material and paving technology for the reuse of reclaimed asphalt in thick asphalt layers

City Cycling in Ilmenau: Ilmsens cycled 203 km
31. May 2022
Ilmsens took part in the City Cycling for Ilmenau for the third time.

6 years Ilmsens
27. April 2022
6 years full of valuable experiences, great collaborations and exciting projects are now behind us.

Ilmsens donates bench at Brandenburger Teich in Ilmenau
07. April 2022
A new bench will now make the beautiful view at the newly filled Brandenburger Teich in Ilmenau more comfortable.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
17. December 2021
Thank you all! Ilmsens wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We all deserve some cookies now. Maybe you like these cinnamon stars?

Foundation of the association SensorikNet e.V.
16. November 2021
The SensorikNet e.V. association has set itself the task of founding and operating a cooperation network that bundles the competences from industry and science for sensor technology in connection with microelectronics.

Why Ilmsens hoards kilos of fruit in the office
28. October 2021
An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A filled fruit basket is a must at Ilmsens. What other advantages does this have?

Ilmenau - Germany's city on the rise 2021
16. September 2021
Among 600 medium-sized cities in Germany, no city has developed as well as Ilmenau in the last 5 years.

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