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01. December 2016
Ever wondered what your daily glass of milk has to do with Potentials of Impedance Spectroscopy? Probably not. Hence this workshop is the best opportunity for you to find out!

30. November 2016
Ambition is a crucial thing to become successful - but the idea is the core.

18. November 2016
It’s getting cold outside and the year is slowly coming to an end. Yet we are unstoppable and constantly improving and increasing our network. Therefore, it is no surprise that we have joined another network - and nothing less than the AMA union!

20. October 2016
We do proudly announce that from now on we are a member of ELMUG!

10. September 2016
For the fifth time the awards ceremony of the Thuringian contest for innovative startups was pending. And this year it was held in the beautiful new Dompalais Erfurt.

10. May 2016
Have been missing as much, haven’t you? Don’t worry because you will see us again – very soon!

03. May 2016
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” (Lao Tzu)

24. April 2016
Always wanted to meet the president of the United States in person? Here is your chance – ‘cause We Go Again!

01. March 2016
Berlin, 2016: A wonderful day has come to an end – and what a wonderful start it is to begin a promising future!