High Voltage Measurement System for Dielectrics and Insulation Materials

Test the reliability of insulation materials or dielectrics within milliseconds. The novel measurement System m:explore.hv uses a combination of high voltage & broadband measurement signals to test the dissipation factor tanδ and permittivity εr.

Prevent defective components through better analysis of insulation materials

Measurement of very low dielectric losses


Time-saving measurement


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Technical Information

Due to the unique measurement signal a complete measurement over a frequency band of 50 Hz to 250 kHz can be carried out within a few milliseconds. Simultaneously, a DC voltage of up to 1500 V can be applied.


The System maps application-related material properties, which cover common conditions under inverter-driven equipment (pulse frequencies and harmonics). Since the measurement is very fast, the risk of dielectric heating is very low. For the first time, this system enables a broadband measurement of dissipation factor and permittivity with a superimposed definable DC high voltage.

Application Examples

Testing of suitability and quality of

insulation materials and dielectrics

Moisture detection in electrical equipment

 Routine and type test of Power Cables, Accessories, Capacitors and Bushings

Learn How the m:explore.hv works
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